Toddler Program

Toddler and Pre-School Programs

Welcome To Our Toddler Program | Ages 18 to 30 Months

The Oakville Academy for the Arts Reggio Emilia inspired philosophy and Play-based Emergent Curriculum celebrates a child’s inherent ability to see the world as whole and inter-connected. Our dynamic programs ensure that students spend their formative years developing skills and habits of mind that will prepare them for life as avid creative thinkers and inspired learners. Teacher-directed activities encourage active discussion and experimentation of new concepts and skills while exploratory play stimulates active learning, choice, independence, curiosity and discovery. The schedule is designed to support and guide our toddler students during this early stage of rapid physical and intellectual development with a focus on gross motor, fine motor, sensory, language, and social skills. Daily experiences are set up to provide hands-on opportunities to stimulate thinking, spark creativity, and encourage toddlers to become more independent in their own learning. The classroom has been designed to nurture thinking, planning, interaction, communication and reflection as students develop their own independent thinking and take control of their own learning. In tandem with our academic curriculum, our toddler program features dance, music and the visual arts – all taught by educators and practicing artists committed to honing their craft while pursuing a passion for teaching.

Our Toddler program offers a ratio of one teacher to five students, allowing for enhanced student learning and more opportunities to participate in one-on-one student – teacher activities to address individual needs and explain new concepts. Working with small class sizes improves the atmosphere and overall learning quality in the classroom. Individual attention is an advantage for young children as it can benefit development socially, academically and physically.


Operating Hours
Our school operates 5 days per week, September to June, with a variety of programming options.

Full Day 9:00am-3:30pm

Half Day 9:00am-11:30am

Five Day
Monday – Friday

Three Day
Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Two Day
Tuesday, Thursday

*Students participating in Full Day programming will receive two snacks daily, mornings and afternoons, as well as a catered lunch, including an entrée, fruit and vegetables and small milk. This nutritional component of our program is included in your tuition fees.



The Oakville Academy for the Arts also offers an Extended Care Program for children participating in the school program.

Before Care 7:30am – 9:00am

After Care 3:30 pm – 6:00 pm daily

*The Extended Care program offers one snack every afternoon for children participating in the After Care program. There is no morning snack offered in Before Care. This nutritional component is included in the Extended Care fee.


Children at The Oakville Academy for the Arts are seen as competent and capable learners who are able to co-construct their learning alongside their attentive educators. Children are valued members of a vibrant learning community and they will be encouraged to find and voice their unique gifts in a supportive and respectful environment. Our goal is to nurture independent and creative thinkers, enthusiastic life-long learners, active explorers and compassionate and respectful human beings.

The content of our learning is chosen based on teachers’ observations of children’s play and language and are often connected to something with which the children have already had experience. Our program is child-centered and lead and child’s interests become deep learning projects which involve hands-on investigation, finding the answers to questions, reading about a topic, visiting sites or places, talking to other people who know about the topic and representing learning through a variety of media. Projects can last a long time (months), a couple of weeks or a morning, depending on the interest and the potential within the topic itself. No two years of the program are the same as they are shaped by the children and the areas of study that develop naturally and holistically. Emergent programs are not only more engaging for young learners but have been shown to develop social emotional, cognitive, literacy, problem solving and motor skills. Through collaboration, inquiry and expression children develop in all areas.

Our teachers provide resource-rich, investigative environments to encourage student learning and experimentation. As children investigate, they begin to formulate questions.  Their teachers model how to ask good questions to stimulate critical thinking and help students learn to differentiate between information that is important and that which is not.  Teachers do not “jump in” and provide children with the answers to their questions; the students form their own theories and work through them to form deeper understanding.  They research to gather the information they require to test their hypotheses.  During this process, young learners make powerful connections between what they already know and new information. We guide children through the cycle of learning from the very first spark of interest to becoming an expert!

Teachers and children collect evidence of learning through the use of written anecdotes, transcripts of conversations, artwork and photographs, and together document our learning. The documented information is used to show student’s understanding and growth, as a catalyst for future investigations and as a tool for developing self-reflection and planning skills.

Within our classrooms, teachers have exciting and daily opportunities to integrate curriculum.  Activities that are meaningful and relevant to a child’s life experiences provide intrinsic motivation and allow for teachers to teach across the curriculum and assist their students in seeing the interrelationships of the things they are learning. At our school, students are offered the exclusive opportunity to marry a stimulating, enriching and absorbing classroom experience with dance, music and the visual arts. The classroom itself becomes a studio workshop – offering an abundant array of art media, recycled found objects and a host of captivating natural materials.

We believe children learn best when they are engaged and at the center of their learning. Intrinsic motivation, resilience, collaboration, creative and critical thinking are all skills that are needed in today’s world – each of these skills are developed when children are deeply engaged in the process of learning. Engaged learners find excitement and pleasure in learning. They possess a lifelong passion for solving problems and understanding ideas and concepts. Engaged learners understand that learning is social. They are able to see themselves and ideas as others see them, can articulate their own ideas to others, have empathy for others, and are fair-minded in dealing with contradictory or conflicting views. They have the ability to identify the strengths and intelligences within themselves and others.

Within our very special programs there is an emphasis on finding personal and meaningful ways to make curriculum areas come alive! We seek to develop in students and ourselves valuable habits of mind and dispositions such as critical, creative and divergent thinking, inquiry, research and problem solving; skills that will put our young learners in the best possible position as they arrive upon the doorstep of future academic experience.

Arts based curriculum

Each week children at The Oakville Academy for the Arts have the unique opportunity to explore the arts with highly educated specialists in Visual Arts, Creative Dance and Music as well as in their teacher led and self-initiated activities woven throughout the program.

Visual Arts
Classroom projects and areas of interest will be enhanced with visual arts throughout all programs. Children will learn about colour, texture, form and technique while being able to create their own unique works of art as part of their process of learning. The Oakville Academy School for the Arts programs offer a lovely balance between teacher-guided art experiences and self-chosen, independent opportunities to explore paint, paper, sculpting media, drawing tools and found materials. At The Oakville Academy School for the Arts we view the graphic arts as another language – a language through which young children can concretely represent their ideas, beliefs and burgeoning awareness of themselves and the world in which they live. We celebrate the process of making art and value exploration, creative problem-solving and experimentation!

Creative Dance
The imagination is an invaluable tool. Our dance specialists will bring each child on a journey through dance using music, imagination and movement to create a variety of age appropriate and dynamic dance experiences.  Children will explore the possibilities of what their bodies can do and how it can serve as a magical vehicle for self-expression! Incorporating The Royal Academy of Dance Pre-Primary Syllabus as well as foundational music and movement concepts, children will be introduced to proper posture, basic dance technique and a variety of fun and exciting dance opportunities.

At The Oakville School for the Arts we view music as “a way of knowing”. According to Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner, music intelligence is equal in importance to logical – mathematical intelligence, linguistic intelligence, spatial intelligence, bodily – kinesthetic intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, and intrapersonal intelligence. Making music is as much a basic life skill as walking or talking!  Like Hungarian music educator and philosopher, Zoltan Kodaly, we believe it is a birthright for all people to be able to sing in tune, march to a beat and be able to experience the expressive capabilities inherent to music.  Students will sensorially explore music through instrumental activities, listening and singing activities as well as through creative musical movement.

Toddler Program

The Oakville Academy for the Arts Reggio Emilia inspired philosophy and Play-based Emergent Curriculum celebrates a child’s inherent ability to see the world as whole and inter-connected.

Toddler program

Our dynamic programs ensure that students spend their formative years developing skills and habits of mind that will prepare them for life as avid creative thinkers and inspired learners.
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At The Oakville for the Arts, the Senior Kindergarten program will offer your child the exclusive opportunity to marry an introduction to formal learning with dance, music and the visual arts.


Our Senior Kindergarten Program is dedicated to a philosophy that sees children as whole, capable human beings, having the right to co-construct their educational experience.
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“Hello, my name is Heidi and I am the owner of The Oakville Academy for the Arts. I completely understand, as a parent, the significance of finding the right fit for your little one to start their academic journey. As a working mom, I too had to trust others to look after my children at a young age. That being said, we have created an incredible, small, and intimate learning environment for children ages 18 months to six years of age that is bright, cheery, creative, and full of supportive, loving guidance. In addition not only do we nurture the scientific, mathematical, literate components that are lead by the inquisitive young mind, but we also include dance, music, and fine art as a way of nurturing your child’s imagination, and creativity. The academic portion is taught by highly qualified and vetted teachers on the academic and artistic side. Come see why we are such a unique place for little people to become big learners. Ps. Did you know we are the only school in Halton to have received the prestigious Prime Minister’s Award for academic excellence in early years learning?” – Heidi Schofield