Toddler and Pre-School Programs

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Toddler Program

The Oakville Academy for the Arts Reggio Emilia inspired philosophy and Play-based Emergent Curriculum celebrates a child’s inherent ability to see the world as whole and inter-connected.

Toddler program

Our dynamic programs ensure that students spend their formative years developing skills and habits of mind that will prepare them for life as avid creative thinkers and inspired learners.
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At The Oakville for the Arts, the Senior Kindergarten program will offer your child the exclusive opportunity to marry an introduction to formal learning with dance, music and the visual arts.


Our Senior Kindergarten Program is dedicated to a philosophy that sees children as whole, capable human beings, having the right to co-construct their educational experience.
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“Hello, my name is Heidi and I am the owner of The Oakville Academy for the Arts. I completely understand, as a parent, the significance of finding the right fit for your little one to start their academic journey. As a working mom, I too had to trust others to look after my children at a young age. That being said, we have created an incredible, small, and intimate learning environment for children ages 18 months to six years of age that is bright, cheery, creative, and full of supportive, loving guidance. In addition not only do we nurture the scientific, mathematical, literate components that are lead by the inquisitive young mind, but we also include dance, music, and fine art as a way of nurturing your child’s imagination, and creativity. The academic portion is taught by highly qualified and vetted teachers on the academic and artistic side. Come see why we are such a unique place for little people to become big learners. P.S. Did you know we are the only school in Halton to have received the prestigious Prime Minister’s Award for academic excellence in early years learning?” – Heidi Schofield